Back on the Road Soon! :D

I am very happy to announce that I will have my van (and all my things! yay!) back by Thursday. I am SO grateful to be getting back on the road. The break has been fairly relaxing, but incredibly long and unexpected. I’m happy to have spent the time with Little Mina and that we were able to make it as fun and productive as possible. Her and I will be working together again during AVN, so if you are a fan of us, make sure you get your custom video orders in ASAP!

I’ll be heading down to Florida after my last few shoots and sessions here in Atlanta. I have lots of awesome shoots coming up, for my stores as well as a few really great studios. I am excited to see the hot footage soon to come. I have a lot of fun, sexy friends down in Florida, so if you’re a fan who enjoys customs, be sure to check out my list of models available for upcoming customs here: 

I have been spending less time on cam the last couple of weeks but I’ve been putting lots of energy into my new member’s site that will be opening very soon through Model Centro. You’ll finally be able to get all of my best videos in one place, as well as hot photos and a mirror of my blog for a reasonable monthly/yearly rate. I hope those of you who are into many of the fetishes I cater to, or are just a huge fan of me, will find it to be a convenient, affordable option.

I have extended my 2017 tour to the end of April, so get ready! I’ll be going coast to coast one last time, hitting Austin, LA, Portland, SLC, Indy, Detroit, Cleveland, Philly, NYC, Boston and a few in between. After this I will be settling down in the Atlanta area for a few years(Florida simply isn’t in the cards for me right now), so if you’re near one of the cities I’ll be visiting (see my full travel schedule here: make sure to set up your fetish session as soon as possible! I love WAM, Wrestling, Tickling, Squashing, Trampling. Balloons, Clowns and so many other things, and I love exploring them with my fans even more! Many of you already know this first hand, though.

I will be camming periodically throughout the rest of my tour, and plan to put more time into it once I am settled in May. I genuinely enjoy being able to connect with my fans though this medium. I definitely don’t mind having an audience for my kinkiness and chronic masturbation habit. Now that I have my Doxy, things just got even hotter and more fun. I just got to test it out this evening and I must say, I’m in love! Is it bad that I want all the colors and a room full of hot girls to have a sexy slumber party with?

Christmas is already coming up so quick! This year has been crazy and awesome and I’m so grateful for getting to work with all of the amazing people that made my tour so fantastic! I had so many fun sessions and filmed SO many hot videos. I can’t wait to do it all over again one more time!!!



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