May 2018 Update

Hi guys! Long time no update. Life has sure gotten crazy on me! In the last month I have lost my van, previous cell phone, and quite a lot of weight. My motivation however is at an all time high. I’ll now elaborate on the van: I am safe, but the van is gone forever. I am still in the process of getting a new vehicle, so the tour I only got one stop into this month will be rescheduled as soon as I get that taken care of. I am aiming for August(which is a very special month for me; I turn 25), this summer. I can’t wait to be back on the road. This revamped tour is also going to include Houston, ATX and LA. I absolutely cannot wait. Because of the mess with the van, my UK/Amsterdam trip will be postponed, possibly to 2019. Hopefully I can make November 2018 happen. I’m very much looking forward to getting back on the road, and in the air! Speaking of air travel, I will be in Colorado Springs, CO July 10th-12th and Denver July 13th! If you’re interested in a fetish or wrestling session, please email me for booking details at ASAP, as spaces are limited!

I’ve been filming a lot of solo content lately. If you’re looking for a solo custom, now is a great time to order. I cater to all kinds of fetishes and love shooting XXX as well! I also have many lovely friends that are now local to me(check soon for an updated Customs page on!) since my move to Tampa, FL in February. I am also offering fetish and wrestling sessions locally, so feel free to email for booking.

Since I have been walking everywhere, not only is my body shape simply immaculate, but I have many many sweaty pairs of socks and panties for sale. If you like worn garments, now is a wonderful time to have your ultimate fantasy mailed directly to you! Free shipping on all US orders, too. To order, simply email me!

I really, really appreciate all the support during this difficult time in my life. Having everything turned so violently upside down right after a big move has been a little overwhelming, but my fans and fellow models have been simply amazing. Thank you all so much. I can’t say it enough, truly.

XOXO Layla

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