About Me

About Me

Layla Mooreimg_20161015_080949
Age: 24
Birthday: 8/31/1993
Height: 6’1
Weight: 300
Shoe Size: 11


Calves: 18.5 in.
Biceps: 17.5 in.
Waist: 46 in.
Hips: 59 in.
Bust: 48 in.
Hey, I’m Layla!

I’ve been in the adult industry since I was 18 and I have loved every moment of it. I started producing my own videos in 2013, and I’ve been hooked on fetish modeling ever since. I have been touring America since March of 2015, and I really hope to begin traveling internationally some day. I absolutely love hearing from my fans, so feel free to contact me if you enjoy my clips.

I am a real life fetishist & total switch, meaning I love to dominate losers and weak men/women just as much as I love to submit(under the right circumstances and with the right person, of course). Some of my main fetishes include tickling, ass licking/sniffing, bondage, belching, bullying petite girls, wedgies, clowns, balloons(the bigger the better!), wrestling, lift & carry, hand smothering/breath play, gingers, ABDL, lactation, big tits and so much more.

I am 100% bi-sexual, and I love fucking women. I have been filming a lot more girl/girl sex videos lately, and I hope everyone enjoys watching them as much as I’m enjoying making them! I started fetish modeling in the first place because I am a kinky freak, and I love when it shines through in my porn. You can find my hardcore lesbian sex videos on Layla’s Kinky Corner

Over the last year I’ve been grappling a lot, and I’ve become VERY good at it. Wrestling comes naturally to me, being a tall, powerful amazon. I’ve been focusing on getting in shape as well as developing my fighting skills, and it’s definitely paid off. My next goal is to learn Jiu Jitsu.

I absolutely love trying new things and traveling. You never know what you might see me doing, or where I’ll be going next! If you want to learn more about me, where I’m at and what I’m doing, check out my blog. I post travel updates as often as I can.

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I am also on various fetish forums. If you see me, say hi!

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