July 2020 Update

Hello fellow pervs!

I cannot believe it is already 2020. That makes it 6 years since I began producing videos and 8 years in the adult industry. Time sure does fly. Anyway, I’m sure you’re curious about where I’ve been! Unfortunately back in 2017 my personal life crumbled, which had a massive chain effect on my health, my mental health, and my motivation/inspiration. In 2018, I met and married my wonderful husband, who is also in the industry, Little Larry. Unfortunately, my health continued to plummet, and didn’t stop until very recently. I suffer from celiac disease, but I won’t disturb you with the details. Let’s just say, when I say suffer, I genuinely mean suffer. In addition to this, I just had another beautiful addition to my family. The pregnancy was rough due to my health issues, however I am doing better now than I have in years and I am finally ready to jump back into work full time. To those of you who like to see me at a higher weight, I’m sorry. In order to combat my illness I have to be incredibly strict with my diet, which means that the current fat I have on me will eventually be lost. If you wish to have content of me at/near my current weight of 340 lbs, I advise you to order a custom video as soon as possible.

Now that I am finally back, what will I be offering?

Due to COVID-19, I will only be doing very limited sessions in Colorado (Denver/Colorado Springs). I will unfortunately not be traveling until things get much closer to normal than they have been.

I will be doing videos, both solo and with other local models. I no longer live in Florida, so I no longer have access to the same list or range of models that I used to. That being said, I will still be offering custom videos, especially solo and m/f. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail your script to LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com, and I will let you know if it’s something I can put together for you or not.

I will still be doing private cam shows, however I now require scheduling at least 12-24 hours in advance.

I will no longer be selling worn socks and underwear

I am opening an OnlyFans, so if that is a platform you enjoy, check it out! https://onlyfans.com/laylamoorexo

Thanks for sticking with me, dear fans. The best of you made this industry worth coming back to, even after severe burnout and other uphill battles. I am ecstatic to be back to work. At the end of the day, shooting fetish porn is something I love and have a deep passion for. Nothing can replace it and I’ve felt empty without it. It’s good to be home <3

May 2018 Update

Hi guys! Long time no update. Life has sure gotten crazy on me! In the last month I have lost my van, previous cell phone, and quite a lot of weight. My motivation however is at an all time high. I’ll now elaborate on the van: I am safe, but the van is gone forever. I am still in the process of getting a new vehicle, so the tour I only got one stop into this month will be rescheduled as soon as I get that taken care of. I am aiming for August(which is a very special month for me; I turn 25), this summer. I can’t wait to be back on the road. This revamped tour is also going to include Houston, ATX and LA. I absolutely cannot wait. Because of the mess with the van, my UK/Amsterdam trip will be postponed, possibly to 2019. Hopefully I can make November 2018 happen. I’m very much looking forward to getting back on the road, and in the air! Speaking of air travel, I will be in Colorado Springs, CO July 10th-12th and Denver July 13th! If you’re interested in a fetish or wrestling session, please email me for booking details at LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com ASAP, as spaces are limited!

I’ve been filming a lot of solo content lately. If you’re looking for a solo custom, now is a great time to order. I cater to all kinds of fetishes and love shooting XXX as well! I also have many lovely friends that are now local to me(check soon for an updated Customs page on www.LaylaMoore.com!) since my move to Tampa, FL in February. I am also offering fetish and wrestling sessions locally, so feel free to email for booking.

Since I have been walking everywhere, not only is my body shape simply immaculate, but I have many many sweaty pairs of socks and panties for sale. If you like worn garments, now is a wonderful time to have your ultimate fantasy mailed directly to you! Free shipping on all US orders, too. To order, simply email me! LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com

I really, really appreciate all the support during this difficult time in my life. Having everything turned so violently upside down right after a big move has been a little overwhelming, but my fans and fellow models have been simply amazing. Thank you all so much. I can’t say it enough, truly.

XOXO Layla

March 2018 Update

Hi, fans and friends!

2018 has been BEYOND crazy for me so far. I was nominated for 3 awards in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, two at the BBW Awards Show and one at the AVN Awards. I didn’t win anything, but I’m perfectly okay with that! I went to Vegas for the events and had a ton of fun. I got to shoot with the amazing and skilled producer Rodney Moore for his site ScaleBustinBabes.com. The scene was one of the hottest I’ve EVER shot, so definitely go check it out if you’re into XXX porn with a taboo twist… I know I sure as hell am 😉

I also have moved. It was very sudden and unexpected, but a major upgrade. I am sad to say that I am no longer living in the Atlanta area, or the beautiful state of Georgia at all. I am now, however, a resident of Tampa, Florida! There are lots of opportunities for collaboration with a plethora of amazing models, many of which are already featured on my sites. I will be updating my Custom Videos page soon to reflect all of the wonderful talent available here.

I am still offering sessions! I’ll be updating my travel schedule VERY soon, both on my site and on sessiongirls.com. I am still coming to England, but instead of making the trip in April as originally planned, I’ll be coming in late September or early October instead. This gives me time to save up more for the trip and stay a bit longer. I may also be adding a visit to Ireland and, who knows, maybe even Italy? If you’re in the UK, Amsterdam or even Italy, please feel free to e-mail me about setting up your dream session. This may be the only time I get to make a crazy international trip (outside of Canada), so let’s make it really count! 😀

I plan on filming a lot of new videos very soon, so make sure to keep an eye on all my sites for updates! I’ve had a lot to juggle the last 6 months, but I absolutely love what I do, and it’s all been 100% worth the effort and stress. I am 100% committed to bringing the world the hottest XXX and fetish videos, and I appreciate all of the support from my amazing fans over the years. I truly could not do it without your amazing support. I’ve come a long way since I first started webcamming(briefly) back in fall 2011, right after I first turned 18. It was just a small dip of my toe in the water, and I had no idea that 7 years later I’d be where I am in the industry today. You guys rock!

Speaking of camming, I am hoping that in the next few months I can make time to cam again here and there. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to cam with any regularity, but I will try to advertise in advance so we can have an amazing time with a huge crazy cum show. Keep an eye on my Twitter! If you don’t already follow me, my handle is @LaylaMooreXo; I am shadowbanned, so once you’ve entered my handle in the search bar, just hit enter even if I don’t pop up as a suggestion.

Much love!  XOXO Layla

September 2017 Update

It’s been a crazy year so far, and I’m so sorry to everyone for the lack of blog posts. I had a healthy pregnancy and went into labor in August! I’m extremely happy and proud. Things are great. I’m now settled in the Atlanta area in Georgia, and am now back to offering wrestling & fetish sessions locally. I will also begin updating my travel schedule again for the occasional trips I plan on making in the future.

I have had some major body changes as a result of the pregnancy. I am now 300 lbs (I will be updating my measurements on LaylaMoore.com soon) and my breasts have also grown. I am lactating and happy to offer lactation customs & Skype shows. I plan on putting off my breast augmentation until at least 2022, which will also give me time to raise the substantial amount of money needed for the surgery.

I’m still producing and modeling as well as offering custom videos, Skype shows & real time sessions by appointment. You can contact me to order or book yours at LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com

I am so happy to be back to wrestling, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to! I filmed my first g/g wrestling video yesterday in the better part of a year and it felt so good. My opponent was the beautiful and spunky Dakota Charms, and it was a great semi-competitive match. The video will be available on my store soon! http://www.c4s.com/96057

My slave is coming to visit me next month! I am very much looking forward to his service in person, and for the fun I have planned for his visit. If you’d like a custom video of me dominating him in some fashion, email to order ASAP. he has a small penis and is open to quite a few different fetishes, not including those involving intense pain. Tape bondage, messy humiliation/torture, facesitting, foot worship and others are a-ok though 😉

I am definitely looking forward to what the future holds. I have plans to get back in shape and I’ve already made some awesome dietary changes to get myself back on track to great health. Fall is here, which means Christmas isn’t too far now, which is one of my favorite holidays. I also love Halloween, and am very excited about my slave’s upcoming visit. Things are just fantastic! I truly hope the same for everyone reading this.

Slowing Down

Hey guys! 

Some of you may have seen in my recent posts that I am slowing down with my travel and settling down in Atlanta. I recently had a very bad experience with gluten contamination (I am severely allergic) that caused me to have extreme fatigue and a very painful, large breakout of the rash that comes with my auto immune disease. I was unable to work for over a week, and was forced to cancel several shoots. I decided that instead of throwing money away, what I really needed to do was rest and focus on my health. So far, my decision has done well for me. I am still experiencing quite a lot of fatigue, but the rash has healed and I am back to working again. 

Now for some incredibly great news! I am currently 11 weeks pregnant! I am so excited. I do plan to remain in the industry and continue shooting, however you will be seeing a lot more solo content and a smaller variety of co-stars in my videos. I am no longer offering wrestling sessions, though plan to resume after my body has adjusted after my pregnancy. Probably sometime in 2018. I will not be traveling at all internationally during this time, and my domestic travel will be extremely limited. Please contact me if you are coming to Atlanta and looking for a session, I will still be offering things like face sitting and foot worship throughout my pregnancy. 

I have been offering sexting and phone services through http://www.SextPanther.com/LaylaMoore and plan to resume camming again once I am moved into my new home. You can always find my videos on any of my 10 c4s stores or on my ManyVids store! I may be opening a new ManyVids store that is all fetish soon, too, so keep your eyes peeled if you like it extra kinky and cannot use/dislike c4s. Dont forget that you can also get a lifetime membership to my premium SnapChat for just $50. I offer snaps of *your* fetish, direct chat, and unlimited screenshots and replays for my premium members. Contact me at LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com if you’re interested in becoming a lifetime premium member! 

If you have signed up for an account on www.GetClowny.com and have not yet had your account activated, please e-mail me with your screen name so I can activate your account. The battle against spam has been intense on TGCF, and unless you have an overtly clowny screen name, it is easy for me to overlook your activation request in the serious sea of spam requests. Those fuckers are RELENTLESS. In settling down I will also have more time to be active on Get Clowny, and hopefully clown around more in general :o)

If you are interested in custom videos of me pre-pregnancy, get your orders in NOW! I cannot stress that enough. Also, if you have a pregnancy fetish and you enjoy custom videos, start getting your ideas together now! Yes, I will be lactating eventually too! I am beyond excited.

Thanks to everyone who met me for sessions in my travels or has ever purchased a clip or a custom or supported me in any way. You guys rock!  I can’t wait to make more videos for you all… I’ve got some VERY naughty ideas cooking. 

Help Me Get Big Tits!

Help me get my dream rack!

I’m doing a fundraiser to get a breast lift and augmentation. It will not be cheap, but I want the beautiful rack I deserve to go with my pretty face. They will look great with my weight loss, which is over 100 lbs and I’m still losing! I am hoping to increase to at least a DD if possible– The bigger the better! My cute puffy nipples will not be getting cut at all, so the surgery scars won’t be a nasty eyesore.

Goal: $17,000(I have to share a percentage with ManyVids)
Target Date: September 2017

Please donate here: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/768840/LaylasFuckingClips/ (scroll down and go to “Fund Me” on the menu on the left hand side of the page)

Anyone who donates:
-$20 or more gets a 20 minute(or shorter) clip from my archive.
-$150 or more gets a 20 minute solo xxx or fetish custom video ($200 value)
-$350 or more gets a 20 minute xxx b/g custom video ($400 value)
-$800 or more gets all 3 previous offers plus a 60 minute b/g or solo xxx(or fetish if preferred) private skype show, AND a signed 8×10 nude photo (after my new breasts are 100% healed)


Please e-mail me (LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com) if you’ve donated and are looking to redeem one of these offers.

Back on the Road Soon! :D

I am very happy to announce that I will have my van (and all my things! yay!) back by Thursday. I am SO grateful to be getting back on the road. The break has been fairly relaxing, but incredibly long and unexpected. I’m happy to have spent the time with Little Mina and that we were able to make it as fun and productive as possible. Her and I will be working together again during AVN, so if you are a fan of us, make sure you get your custom video orders in ASAP!

I’ll be heading down to Florida after my last few shoots and sessions here in Atlanta. I have lots of awesome shoots coming up, for my stores as well as a few really great studios. I am excited to see the hot footage soon to come. I have a lot of fun, sexy friends down in Florida, so if you’re a fan who enjoys customs, be sure to check out my list of models available for upcoming customs here: https://laylamoore.com/customs/ 

I have been spending less time on cam the last couple of weeks but I’ve been putting lots of energy into my new member’s site that will be opening very soon through Model Centro. You’ll finally be able to get all of my best videos in one place, as well as hot photos and a mirror of my blog for a reasonable monthly/yearly rate. I hope those of you who are into many of the fetishes I cater to, or are just a huge fan of me, will find it to be a convenient, affordable option.

I have extended my 2017 tour to the end of April, so get ready! I’ll be going coast to coast one last time, hitting Austin, LA, Portland, SLC, Indy, Detroit, Cleveland, Philly, NYC, Boston and a few in between. After this I will be settling down in the Atlanta area for a few years(Florida simply isn’t in the cards for me right now), so if you’re near one of the cities I’ll be visiting (see my full travel schedule here: https://laylamoore.com/travel-dates/) make sure to set up your fetish session as soon as possible! I love WAM, Wrestling, Tickling, Squashing, Trampling. Balloons, Clowns and so many other things, and I love exploring them with my fans even more! Many of you already know this first hand, though.

I will be camming periodically throughout the rest of my tour, and plan to put more time into it once I am settled in May. I genuinely enjoy being able to connect with my fans though this medium. I definitely don’t mind having an audience for my kinkiness and chronic masturbation habit. Now that I have my Doxy, things just got even hotter and more fun. I just got to test it out this evening and I must say, I’m in love! Is it bad that I want all the colors and a room full of hot girls to have a sexy slumber party with?

Christmas is already coming up so quick! This year has been crazy and awesome and I’m so grateful for getting to work with all of the amazing people that made my tour so fantastic! I had so many fun sessions and filmed SO many hot videos. I can’t wait to do it all over again one more time!!!



Still in Georgia

Due to my van not being finished yet, I’m still in the Atlanta area for an undetermined amount of time. It’s sort of a blessing in disguise, because I’ll be camming daily(on MFC http://profiles.myfreecams.com/LaylaMoore and Chaturbate https://chaturbate.com/b/laylamoore/), sometimes with Little Mina. Her and i will be available for custom videos until i leave the area. I can also do custom videos with Dakota Charms while I am here. Send orders and inquiries to LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com.

I am making it a priority to get to AVN in January, and plan to spend some time in California and Vegas at that time.I am currently accepting bookings for AVN, and will be talent tested for it. Little Mina will be available there with me for 2 girl xxx and fetish bookings. Please E-mail asap to schedule if you’re looking to hire me there for a shoot or fetish session.

Time really just seems to be flying by. We are already nearing Thanksgiving and that means Christmas is following close behind. I can’t wait! If you’re a fan interested in getting me something special for Christmas, I love Amazon e-gift cards and have also been updating my Amazon wishlist https://amzn.com/w/2CBJ89TR8937X. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a cam show, custom video(Solo customs are still 50% off until Sunday 11/13/16 by the way) or session if you’re around Atlanta(or wherever I’ll be, with my tour schedule still TBA).

I think I will keep this blog short, and update again once I have my schedule together. I dislike not knowing where I will be and when I will be there, but life throws curveballs at everyone once in a while, doesn’t it? I’m sure I will be back on the road soon. Thanks everyone for your patience, and I look forward to making more porn for all of you real soon.

Tour Hiatus Update

It’s been a fun but stressful two weeks in Atlanta. I’ve gotten lots of videos shot and had lots of fun with my friends. Unfortunately, I am still $700 short of being able to pay my mechanic bill on Nov 7th as planned. Any donation would help immensely at this point. Donations can be made at https://www.pervoutpay.com/laylamoore I am also accepting sessions in the Atlanta area over the next few days, as well as customs (solo, with Clownie Giggles, Little Mina, Jerry or solo), paid shoots and private skype shows. Booking/ordering can be done at LaylaMooreXo@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has already donated to my van repair fund, as well as to those who have supported me throughout my 2 year tour. I cannot wait to be back on the road.

Temporary and Involuntary Tour Hiatus due to car accident

Just as the last leg of my 2 year US tour was approaching, my husband (Jerry) and I got sandwiched between two other vehicles in an auto collision. There were no injuries, however the damage to my vehicle is severe and the fix will cost almost $4,000. It is with much regret that I must announce a tour break until at least November 7th, 2016. I will have more details on an exact updated schedule soon, and will be taking the time off to shoot customs and other content, shoot with models local to the Atlanta area, and take limited sessions within the Duluth, GA area. I will not be scheduling any west coast sessions until my own travel schedule is more concrete. If you’d like to donate to my car repair fund, all donations can be made to http://www.pervoutpay.com/LaylaMoore Thank you everyone for your support and understanding. I am looking forward to being back on the road soon 💕