Back to the Midwest!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to update my blog, and I apologize for that. My 2 months spent out West were so filled with shoots, and it was AWESOME! I also managed to squeeze in time to camp out in Washington’s breathtaking Olympic Peninsula(with Foxy Farrah! Pics below), visit the Adventure Dome in Las Vegas and one of the lovely beaches in Malibu!








I am currently enjoying Colorado for just a few more days before heading back to Michigan. I can’t wait to be back in the Great Lakes State! I will definitely be going hiking while I am there. After that its onto Ohio for a few shoots and sessions, Tennessee for a shoot with sexy little Rose Black, all the way down to Miami for  another round of Talent Testing, then finally… FETISHCON 2016! I am SO BEYOND PUMPED! All of the capital letters in the world couldn’t even begin to express my excitement.

The lineup of shoots for Fetcon is already fantastic. Cadence Lux, Reenaye Starr, Leilani Lei, Pepper Stirling, Lydia Vengeance, Saya Song, Ami Mercury, Little Mina, Charlene Ward… And a whole lot of clowns! That’s right every one, even Bippy has plans for Fetcon 2016! If you see me on the convention floor, don’t hesitate to say hello.

Speaking of clowns… Bippy is extraordinarily excited to announce the successful launch of, a FREE clown fetish forum for clowns, clown lovers and clown fuckers alike to mingle chat and share photos. Like clowns and clownfoolery? Join now!









So far, this summer has been absolutely glorious. I want to thank all of my fans for supporting my work, which allows me to continue traveling and creating awesome new porn for every one to enjoy!

In the fall, I look forward to another fun trip to the East coast, NYC & New England. I will even be visiting Maine for a few days. I am currently booking shoots as well fetish & fighting sessions. To book, e-mail me directly at


Changes, New Projects, Updates!

I am writing this to let all of my fans know about the changes made within my clips4sale stores! First off, Jerry’s Foot Addiction is no more; instead of feet, is now home to my brand spanking new ALL CLOWN STORE! That’s right, fellow clown fetish freaks, not only will I be focusing on clown fetish more now than ever, I’ve finally seperated all that clowny goodness from the balloons that had started to overrun Bippy’s Kinky Carnival. Speaking of Bippy’s Kinky Carnival, that store is kaput as well, gone forever, and in it’s place on is Layla’s Balloons. Unlike Jerry’s old store, which has been completely stripped of all foot fetish clips, Layla’s Balloons still has all old clips on it. I simply won’t add anymore clown content to it, or any non-balloon content at all, for that matter! So… What IS going to happen to all the old foot videos from Jerry’s Foot Addiction? Well, you will be able to find all foot JOI, footjob and foot show off videos on Layla’s Kinky Corner. Any stinky foot, self foot worship, and foot comparison videos will be found on Layla’s Body Shop. These videos will be added over time, so lookout for their re-releases if you’re a foot fan!

In other news, I have a few other fun projects planned that will really blow your minds! There’s been talk between Jerry and I of a future forum or two and potentially even an app… But I’m going to keep my lips sealed and a few surprises up my sleeve! I still have plans to work toward opening Princess Layla’s Clips for Losers, so all lame subs reading this needn’t worry about that. There are GREAT things on the horizon, and I can’t wait for you all to be a part of them!

I will be leaving Connecticut soon for Boston, and after that its off to New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Upstate NY for the first time ever! I can’t wait to see all these new places… I just hope the weather is nice! Lots of fun shoots planned for the next few months, and you can finally see a list of models I will be working with, complete with pictures, on the customs page of my website,

Thanks for reading! Stay sexy.

Update from Hartford, CT

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write a blog, but quite a lot has happened! My website ( was hacked and remained down for almost 3 weeks! I am happy that it’s finally up and running again. I’ve made a ton of new, awesome updates all across the site, including a fancy new GIF gallery and some other tweaks that make the site far more asthetically pleasing. I am still working on getting the Customs page back up to date with photos, but it’s almost there! Ultra exciting.

I’m currently in Connecticut, the Hartford area to be more specific. It was beautiful when I arrived… and then it started snowing. And hailing. Yuck! I am certainly not a fan of cold weather, but being from Michigan I can take it. I am simply happy that spring is upon us, even if mother nature decides to temporarily forget. Seeing the magnolia trees in bloom in Philly was breath taking, and I won’t ever forget it. Those flowers are so pretty and smell so wonderful! My time in Brooklyn was a lot of fun too. I had a few wrestling sessions, a shoot with Doom Maidens, and I got to visit my friend Kinky Kailey as well! Kailey and I will be getting together at the end of this month (the last week of April, specifically) and we will be available together for custom videos! My trip to Boston is creeping up on me. I absolutely cannot wait to see all of my friends there and shoot a ton of hot porn!

As you all may have noticed, I have started shooting much more hardcore lesbian content! I am VERY much enjoying it; sex with pretty ladies is one of my all time favorite activities. I am hoping to add more handjobs, blowjobs and hardcore b/g sex(with fetish themes of course!) to my stores in the near future as well! I hope that excites everyone as much as it does me! I have always been an extraordinarily sexual girl and I feel that showing that in my clips is the natural next step to take,

I had talked a while ago about opening a FemDom-esque store called ‘Princess Layla’s Clips for losers’, and I will finally start filming clips for it soon! I am hoping to open it within the next month, for all of the little losers out there who are addicted to Me. Of course, I will still remain true to myself as a switch, and my other stores won’t change. Just because I enjoy submitting to the right person doesn’t mean I am any less capable of breaking a pathetic loser… in fact, I feel it makes Me a better Top than if I had never experienced the bottom. No apologies to any “submissive” males who are made uncomfortable by my propensity to switch– they can find another female to dominate them. Their loss!

On a more serious note, I have been dealing with a lot of piracy (which likely is what led to my site being hacked). If you consider yourself to be a fan of me or my work, please do the responsible thing and buy my clips rather than watching them for free on tube sites. I have never posted any of my videos to any tube site. The only way to get my content directly from me is by buying it from one of my stores on

May is going to be a really exciting month! Starting off with a bang on my double tour with Amazon Annie! Her and I will be available for double wrestling sessions (dates and locations can be found on the ‘Booking’ page of as well as custom videos. Male model Jerry will be available for 2 on 1 mixed wrestling customs during this time as well. After my tour with Annie wraps up, I will be heading down to Florida for the remainder of the month and the first week of June, too. Lots of fun shoots booked! After Florida I head west again, exact locations and dates are available on my website.

I absolutely love it that both summer and Fetish Con are approaching. I have a few great shoots lined up already. My tickets have been purchased and my room has been booked! If you are a fan and see me on the convention floor, please don’t hesitate to say hello! I absolutely love meeting my fans, and am happy to pose for pictures as well. If you are a producer or a model and would like to work together, please contact me at so we can set something up before my schedule fills up! 

2016 has been phenomenal so far and it is only going to get better! I can’t wait

Passing Through Asheville, North Carolina.

Hello from Asheville, North Carolina, USA! I have been all over the country since I last wrote a travel blog.

I apologize for the delay in my writing, there have been a lot of changes in my life, on top of the usual business. My Celiac’s disease began to take a toll on me, so I started the GAPS diet back in February. I feel much better now that I have had some time to heal. So much better, in fact, that I have finally began my weight training! I weighed in at 265 this morning. Its time to gain some muscle and burn some fat!
Since my last blog, I have been up the west coast, through the midwest, up to the Motor City and down south to Georgia! I had the great pleasure of working with Mistrix Ms E, Ivy Davenport & Malice, Rose Black, & Little Mina! There is some phenomenal content coming soon to all of my stores.

I am heading Northeast after my wrestling sessions in NC; Richmond, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Hartford & Boston are all on the schedule. I absolutely cannot wait! I still have room to schedule sessions so send me an email if you want to book!
I am considering expanding soon and doing some supervillianess/superheroine videos. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about future videos/costumes/themes of that nature, please feel free to contact me! “The Evil Amazon may very well destroy the entire human race! …” yep, I can envision it now!

I am so incredibly delighted that Spring is finally upon us. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! It really makes me want to get a bicycle… I had talked about buying one in the past, but other expenses unfortunately ended up taking presidence; hopefully soon I will be able to make the investment!

Summer will also be welcomed… I am VERY excited for Fetishcon. I also really want to go to the beach! I love to swim and soak up the sun. I have tons of new bikinis I am going to wear! By then I will be much more toned, and I am going to look HOT! I dont know about the rest of you, but I am jumping out of my skin with excitement about my fitness transformation!

On a less fun and exciting note, my website, has been hacked. Its only an issue when trying to access the site from a cellphone. Trying to visit on your phone will redirect you to a phishing site. Please only visit my website from your computer until further notice. I am doing my best to get things back to normal, and am planning to secure the network so this will not be an issue in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog, guys! I am going to go exercise and eat some bone broth. Have a phenomenal day and enjoy my pictures and clips! If you havent already, you can find me on Instagram (laylamoorexoxo) & Twitter (@laylamoorexo)

The Lovely Portland, Oregon.

Greetings from beautiful Portland, Oregon. I’ve finally finished recovering from AVN, which was absolutely amazing by the way. I rented a house with Little Mina, Fifi Foxx. Aiden Valentine and a couple of other industry folks. It was a total blast! We shot a ton of content, some of which still hasn’t been released. The house we had to shoot in was beautiful, and the videos all turned out great. The AVN expo itself was completely crazy! This was my first time and I had little idea of what to expect, my only convention experience having been Fetish Con ’14 & ’15. I met lots of beautiful ladies, had a few drinks and enjoyed myself. Perhaps next year I will spend more time on the expo floor, but I don’t regret my decision this year to spend  most of my time filming videos. 

I am going back down to Los Angeles and Las Vegas after I am done shooting and visiting friends up in Portland, so naturally the list of girls I’m working with next month is huge. You can check that out by visiting the customs page on my website if you like! If there is a girl you’d like to see me work with, feel free to contact me about it! I absolutely love working with new models, and connecting with new ladies whenever and wherever I can.

I’m really loving the way 2016 has started off. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the new year brings and where it takes me!!!

Howdy from Texas!

Howdy from Texas!
I had a whole lot of fun filming down here. The food is also incredibly good in Austin, one of my favorite cities. Im making my way out of the state now. I have a long ride to LA ahead of me, and after a few days there, it will finally be time for AVN!

Backtracking a bit, the month I spent in Florida was insanely awesome! I worked with so many fun ladies and shot so much great content! The weather was great and I cant wait to go back in May!

I am so incredibly beyond excited for AVN. I am going to be sharing a house with Little Mina as well as Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, Jerry and Clownie Giggles. Customs will be available with all of them up until 1/24/16 so email me now!

For those of you into wrestling, I will be filming with Cheyenne Jewel on 1/24 so order your custom now! If you havent seen the matches we have filmed previously, her and I are both highly competitive individuals, and though she should be, she isn’t afraid of my size.

I still have some availability in San Fransisco, CA(1/29 & 1/30) and Portland,OR (2/1 – 2/8) for sessions, contact me now to book! I am looking forward to wrestling ang slinging some pies and slime on the West coast.

If you aren’t already, you can follow my travels and sexy shoots via twitter & tumblr (@laylamoorexo) instagram (@LaylaMoorexoxo) and fetlife (laylamoore). I post tons of sexy pictures and links to my videos. You can also check out my site for my travel schedule, a list of ladies I’ll be working with and more.

Hope you are all having a wonderful 2016 so far! Thank you to my fans for supporting my work.